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Route & Itinerary Day 7


George Brown College, Toronto to The Rouge National Urban Park

42 km

Itinerary and maps will be supplied the night before at the Info Tent.

This morning we ride through the Toronto Port Lands. Signs of the industrial past abound but a major transformation is underway that will include naturalizing the mouth of the Don River and creating a mixed-use community with parks and greenspaces.


3 KM Clarke Beach Park or Cherry Beach   [Map 1]     

[Map 1] Cherry Beach is a popular spot for wind surfers and stand up paddle boarding. With Toronto harbor behind us, you’ll find many places along the waterfront where you can wade into the water or grab a swim.


The Beach          [Map 2]

This is very popular part of Toronto’s waterfront—great beach and loads of cafes, shops and patios on nearby Queen St. Cyclists use the asphalt path; walkers the boardwalk. Please slow down. There are kids and the surface of the paved path may be ruptured by the occasional tree root. Enjoy the ambiance and be safe. Ride the path all the way to the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant where you turn left at Sliver Birch and head up to Queen Street.


Rosetta McClain Gardens—

Stunning gardens and a public washroom. Please dismount and walk you bike if you go into the park.


The Scarborough Bluffs 

The Bluffs are an iconic natural wonder that mark the shoreline of an ancient lake. Towering above Toronto’s Lake Ontario waterfront they offer strikingly beautiful natural greenspaces and support increasingly rare habitats for a wide variety of fish, birds and other wildlife.

26.9 KM Guild Inn [Map 4]

Construction in the park means you will be routed onto Livingstone and then Guildwood Parkway. The construction means exciting changes coming.

32 KM East Point Park-Public Washrooms

35 KM   Rouge Hill GO Station &Trail to GO [Map 5]

The regional commuter rail system runs parallel to the Trail, rarely more than 2 to 3 kilometres from it. In partnership with Metrolinx and communities the Waterfront Regeneration Trust has signed 11 active transportation connections from the track to the trail and from the trail to the nearest train station.


39.5 KM Rouge National Urban Park [Map 5]

Parks Canada, the GWTA team and riders will cheer you across the finish line to receive your special 10th Anniversary medals.

About the Rouge National Urban Park

It is a first for Canada--creating an Urban National Park as a way to restore and protect a threatened and beleagured river valley. A rich assembly of natural, cultural and agricultural landscapes, Rouge National Urban Park is home to amazing biodiversity, some of the last remaining working farms in the Greater Toronto Area, Carolinian ecosystems, Toronto’s only campground, one of the region’s largest marshes, unspoiled beaches, amazing hiking opportunities, and human history dating back over 10,000 years, including some of Canada's oldest known Indigenous sites. The park is 13 times the size of New York's Central Park. Parks Canada is planning to expand the park's trail network from 12 kms by adding dozens of new trails in effort to provide a contiguous connection from Lake Ontario to Oak Ridges Moraine.


42.6 KM Port Union Community Centre
5450 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1C 3B2 [Map 5]

After celebrating at the mouth of the Rouge River, part of Canada’s first National Urban Park, head back along the trail (the same way you came) to Port Union Rd where you will head over to the Community Centre, long-term parking and your luggage. Route is marked on the maps.




Today's Beaches-- 

Cherry Beach, Toronto https://www.theswimguide.org/beach/32

Woodbine Beach, Toronto https://www.theswimguide.org/beach/83

Kew-Balmy, Toronto https://www.theswimguide.org/beach/80

Bluffers Beach, Toronto https://www.theswimguide.org/beach/29

Rouge National Urban Park, Toronto https://www.theswimguide.org/beach/35

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