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Route & Itinerary Day 5



Greenbelt Day

Port Dover to Hamilton via " Brock's Route"

Todays route is entirely rail trail along Brocks Route, featuring a variety of surfaces from hard paved to crushed gravel. As we approach Hamilton we will be riding along sections of the Greenbelt Cycling Route. Relive the memories of the 2015 GWTA by wearing your Greenbelt jersey or simply wearing green!

Click on each town to reveal more information.

Start: Port Dover

Breakfast Address: 

Campsite Address: 809 St George St, Port Dover, ON N0A 1N0


Breakfast:  6:30 - 8:30am
Luggage Truck Departs at 8:30 am 

Please make sure that your luggage is on the luggage truck before leaving for breakfast. 



Silver Lakes Lion's Park

320 St Patrick St, Port Dover, ON N0A 1N0

We will join the Lynn Valley Trail at Silver Lake Lion's Park in Port Dover - this is a quick ride from the campground.


Simcoe Lion's Park- 11km

75 Davis Street East Simcoe, ON N3Y

Simcoe Lion's Park can be accessed directly from the trail and will be open for riders to use the washrooms and refill water bottles.

The trail becomes the Norfolk Sunrise Trail as it travels through Simcoe.

Waterford - 20km - rest stop

The trail into Waterford is named the Waterford Heritage Trail

The highlight of this section of the trail is Waterford Black Bridge, an old rail bridge that has been turned into a pedestrian bridge as a part of the Waterford Heritage Trail. This section of the trail in Waterford goes over Waterford ponds and has beautiful views and lookout points.

Take some time out to visit the town of Waterford via the lower trail which travels under the bridge. We hear there are some amazing cupcakes and sweet treats available at Robins Ritzy Cakes

Mount Pleasant - 41km Suggested lunch stop

As you travel through Mount Pleasant we leave Norfolk County and enter the the County of Brant on the "TH&B Trail"

We recommend you leave the trail for a 500m side trip to visit the Mount Pleasant Windmill Country Market - a local favourite for breakfasts,lunches, bakery and deli products. Our support vehicle will be on hand to pick up any purchases.

Mohawk Chapel - 60km - rest stop and shuttle point

H.M Royal Chapel of the Mohawks is one of the oldest buildings in Canada.

The chapel is located along the bank of the Grand River on Six Nations land. Built in 1785, Her Majesty’s Royal Chapel of the Mohawks is the last remaining building of the original Mohawk Village and is now the oldest surviving Church in Ontario.  
Artist David Mitson designed eight stained glass windows for the chapel. The windows depict significant events that interpret significant historical events for the Six Nations people. Also, inside the Chapel, above the altar are towering black metal plaques embossed with Christian prayers in old Mohawk language.
Outside, the grounds of the Mohawk Chapel are the final resting places of historical figures Joseph and John Brant— a father and son who played key roles in the American Revolution, The War of 1812, and the displacement of Mohawks from other territories in New York.
The Mohawk Chapel is a beautiful historical site with so much to offer. Take a walk around the grounds to view plaques unveiled by Her Majesty the Queen, memorials of Joseph Brant, Pauline Johnson, Susan Hardie and more.

Kana:ta Village - 61km

After leaving the Mohawk Chapel and continuing on the trail you will ride past Kanata Village

Kana:ta Village is a  centre for learning and cultural destination designed to highlight the rich and diverse cultures of the Six Nations of the Grand River (Haudenosaunee/ Onhkwehonweh) and other Indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island.

Heart's Content Organic Farmstead - 80km - rest stop and shuttle point.

Stop at Hearts Content for a water refill or a glass of iced tea and one of Richard Tunstall's homemade organic cookies. This is our "Greenbelt " stop for the day  - if you are ready to call it a day our passenger shuttle and the CAA will be here to take you to Mohawk College.

Mohawk College - 100km - Overnight

Mohawk College were such great hosts on the 2015 GWTA that we decided to return in 2017. Check in at the front desk - Vicki will be there to hand out your room keys and tomorrow's itinerary.

Greenbelt Sponsored Dinner