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For over two decades, the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail has assisted communities around the shores of the Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River revitalize their waterfronts and connect them with a trail now enjoyed by bikers, hikers, and joggers of all ages. After seven expansions, the Trail is 2100 km along 3 Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River. In Prince Township, west of Sault Ste. Marie, it touches Lake Superior and connects to the Lake Superior Water Trail.  The result is waterfronts that are regenerated... lakeshore communities are renewed... and lives made healthier. Learn more about the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail's history, read here and more about our partnership and projects.

The Waterfront Regeneration Trust is the charity leading the work to protect, connect and celebrate the world's largest group of freshwater through the creation of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.  We work with waterfront communities, First Nations, senior government, agencies and many other dedicated organizations who share the vision for a clean, green, connected, diverse, useable, affordable, open, attractive, and accessible waterfront.

Your donation funds our work to make Trail improvements, close gaps, expand and make it easy for people to use the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.

Make a secure online donation through our CanadaHelps page. CanadaHelps is a Canadian based charity that helps us collect funds. Electronic charitable receipts will be sent by email following your donation.

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Consider making a raising funds for the Trail as a member of our League of Extraordinary Waterfront Trail Champions--a group of committed individuals who use the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure--our annual cycle tour--as a way to raise funds for the Waterfront Regeneration Trust. Learn how to become a Waterfront Trail Champion


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Read the 2017 State of the Trail Report for an update on the Trail expansions.

Read more about the how the Waterfront Regeneration Trust's work is building and enhancing the Trail in our State of the Trail Report-2013.


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